Sun Ziyao


Sun Ziyao

Sun Ziyao (b.1987, Liaoning, China) currently lives and works in Tibet, China. He is a prominent young artist with a unique artistic language. He extends the boundaries of the ancient traditions of Chinese ink painting with the use of charcoal, wax and other media. “His works can shake and rattle, and make us uneasy. They have an element of primitive unruliness and wild beauty.” Guan Wei, leading Chinese-Australian artist, commented.

Sun Ziyao was trained in the acclaimed art school, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). He was the TWT International Residence Program 2019 artist. His works have been collected by public institutions, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Museum, Blue Moon Art Institution, and Up Art Gallery. His works have been highly regarded and collected by leading artists, including Guan Wei, Ah Xian, Chen Wenling, etc. 



1987 Born in Dalian, Liaoning
2007 Bachelor of Experimental Art, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
2011 2011 Master of Chinese Painting and Conservation, China Central Academy of Fine Art
Present Lives and works in Nyingchi, Tibet
2023  “Never End”, Author Gallery, Beijing, China
2022 “Under the Sky”, Baijing Art Space, Shenzhen, China
2020 “I Wish I Was Me – Sun Ziyao and Wang Xiaoou Duo Exhibition”, Author Gallery, Beijing, China
2019 “Our Friends & Us”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2018 “Hardwood”, Chen Gallery, Beijing, China
“Pareidolia: Geng Xue & Sun Ziyao”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2017 “Bad, Boy”, X Gallery, Dalian, China
“Immortal Spirit”, LinBArt, Shanghai, China
“Mirror and Realm Sun Ziyao Works Exhibition”, Grace Collection, Shanghai, China
2016 “Ink Instinct”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2015 “Hurt”, Up Art Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China
“Phase”, Young Artists Exhibition, Dalian, China
2024 “The Ideal Life”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2023 “The Spectrum of Time”, HANMO Art Gallery, Beijing, China
“Fragile Relationships”, Polar Bear Gallery, Beijing, China
“A Trailer – Paintings of Black Bridge”, MORE ART Gallery, Beijing, China
“Look Within Ourselves – Young Artist 100”, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China
2022 “INK+”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2019 “Hakuna Matata”, Author Gallery, Beijing, China
“Growth”, X Gallery, Dalian, China
“Life Hotel”, Songke Art Space, Beijing, China
2018 ”Wonderful Cloister”, Rong Art Space, Beijing, China
”Ourlander”, Wenzhou, China
“Density Talisman Array”,  Ying Art Space, Beijing, China
2017 “When Y23meets J space”, Jspace, Shen Zhen; SZ Art Center, Beijing, China
“OUTLIERS –Traversing a time of anxiety”, Whitebox Art Centre, Beijing, China
“Youth Ink Year Book 2017”, Contemporary Youth Ink Artist Group Exhibition, Wanyi Art Museum, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Sydney Contemporary 2017, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia
2016 “Freehand”, China National Academy of Painting, Beijing, China
“2016 IVYART”, Tian Jing Art Musum, China
“Decathlon”, Rightview Art Museum, Beijing, China
2015 “Mentor recommended Exhibition”, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China
2014 “Multidimensionality”, Flow Art, Beijing, China
“Beauty of Black”, Group Exhibition, Oriental Gallery, Beijing, China
“One-way only”, Young Artists Exhibition, Chen Bo Net, Beijing
“Heard a voice”, Double Solo Exhibition, Twenty-One Gathering, Shanghai
“A Disorderly Life – pleasure”, Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou
2013 “Park”, selected for Tenth National Art Festival
“Mum Hurrah!” “Beethoven Night” “Large glass” and “War wounds” selected for Guangzhou Art Fair
“Portrait of a Girl” and “Ruins revelation” selected for “Great Art of the State” Students Exhibition
“Self-Portrait” invited to tour Japan
2011 “War wound” selected for “100-year anniversary of Xinhai Revolution
2010 “Blue” selected for Outstanding Students exhibition
“End, Beginning, Split” Six Artists group exhibition, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
“From north to south” Student exhibition
2023 Winner of the CCB Trust Art Award, Young Artist 100 exhibition
2013 Guangzhou Art Fair Young Artist Award
2012 Self-Portrait, won the Outstanding Award
2011 War Wounds won the Outstanding Award
2019 TWT International Residency, Sydney, Australia

Central Academy of Fine Art
Hong Kong Contemporary Art Museum
Blue Moon Art Institution
Up Art Gallery
French collectors

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