Wang Lifeng, Ji-26, mixed media on paper, 2015-2017, 65x114cm
Wang Lifeng


Wang Lifeng

Wang Lifeng (b.1962, Inner Mongolia, China) currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from Stage Design, Central Academy of Theatre in 1986. Wang’s artistic practice reflected deeply on how the truths of Chinese culture and history can or should be reflected in contemporary society, and poetically combines collages of woodblocks, ink and mixed media and frames them in the form of an ancient Chinese book. His uniqueness lies in his ability to reimagine images from China’s past while simultaneously creating a new visual language. 

Wang has held various solo exhibitions in China, Australia and Germany. His works are in private collections in Australia, Austria, China, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore and France. 



1962 Born in Inner Mongolia
1979 Began Oil Painting and Wood Sculpture
Graduated in Stage Design, Central Academy of Theatre, Beijing Stage Designer, Beijing Peoples’ Theatre of the Arts
2018 Archives of Longing, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2016 Ji series, Lotus Art museum, Beijing
Duet, Wang Li Feng 2014 Art Tour Exhibition, Art West Lake, Hangzhou / Meijiang International Art Gallery, Tianjin /Shenzen, ​ Convention and Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen / Wenxuan Art Gallery, Chengdu / Amelie Art Gallery, Beijing
2013 Ji, Red Gate Gallery
2010 My Abstract Way, Jindu Art Gallery
2009 Qing Mountain Series, Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong
2008 Qing Mountain Series, China Visual Arts Center, Beijing
Qing Mountain Series, Gefeng Art Center, Shengzheng
Great Song Series, Brussels, Belgium
2007 The Great Ming Dynasty, Red Gate Gallery
2005 Great Song Series, Red Gate Gallery
Great Song Series, Munich, Germany
2003 Great Han Series, J Gallery, Hong KongGreat Han Series, Red Gate Gallery
2002 Great Tang Series, Yi Bo Gallery, Shanghai
2000 Spring and Autumn Series, Red Gate Gallery
1999 Warring States Series, Red Gate Gallery
1998 Brilliance Series, Red Gate Gallery
1997 Dynasty Series, Red Gate Gallery
1996 Hui Series, Red Gate Gallery
1995 Purity Series, Red Gate Gallery
1993 National Language Series, Red Gate Gallery
1989 Double Crane Gallery, Seattle
1987 2nd Wood Sculpture Exhibition, French Embassy, Beijing
1986 1st Wood Sculpture Exhibition, Friendship Hotel, Beijing
2018 ART CENTRAL 2018 Art Fair, Hong Kong
2016 CVPP – 2015 China Contemporary Art Influence List, Guizhou
2015 There Or Not, Art Space, Beijing
2014 Paper, experimental art exhibition, Tianjin Fine Art, Tianjin
Here and Now, Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, Meijiang International Art Gallery, Tianjin
2013 Macao – China Contemporary Artists Exhibition 2013, Tianjin Meijiang Museum of Modern Art, Tianjin
“Here” Contemporary Ink Painting Invitation Exhibition, Great Prajna Arts Foundation, Hong Kong
China Installation Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
2012 Two Generations – 20 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art
Australian Tour: City of Sydney Chinese New Year
Manning Regional Gallery; Damien Minton Gallery; University of Newcastle Gallery; Melbourne International Fine Arts (MiFA); Linton & Kay, Perth
2011 Wang He Art Exhibition, Deng Ming Wang He Art Museum
20 Years – Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, island6 Art Center, Shanghai
20 Years – Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate, Red Gate Gallery
2010 China Abstract TOP Exhibition, Hangzhou
China Abstract TOP Exhibition, Today Art Museum
Our Journey of Abstraction, 798 Jindu Art Centre, Beijing
Trickery and Metamorphisis, Jinbao Art Museum, The Fourth SpaceTimes
No Boundaries, Henan Art Museum
2009 Mongolia : Mongolia, Red Gate Gallery
60th Anniversary Contemporary Art, National Centre for the Performing Arts
Back to Modern Times – 09 Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art, Xihu Art Museum
The contemporary Power of Chinese Abstract Art, Tap Seac Gallery, Macau
2008 Art Beijing, Red Gate Gallery
Culture Chinese Phenomena, Anderson Gallery, Switzeland
Red Gate Stars, Red Gate Gallery
2007 Chinese Contemporary Art Document, Century Wall, Beijing
Tolman Gallery, USA
Artists in Residence Work-In-Progress Preview, NY Arts Beijing Space
Contemporary Cultural Venation – China Version, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Chinese Text of Abstract Art, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo
Critical Thread, First Sound Gallery, Beijing
2006 Tolman Collection, Tokyo
Red Gate Gallery’s 15th Anniversary
Asian Art Interchange Show, Changwon Art Museum, South
Chinese Text of Abstract Art, Shanghai Art Museum
Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing
2005 Passion and Force: Group Show of Eight Artists, 798 Yan Gallery, Beijing
2004 Angle: Traveling Exhibition of Artists from Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai
2002 Shang Yuan Artists, Macao City Hall
Great Tang Series, J Gallery, Hong Kong
2001 Clues to the Future – Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary
1998 Retake: A Selection Reviewing Red Gate Artists’ Signature Works, Red Gate Gallery
1997 Works Featured in the 1994 – 1998 BHP Calendars, Red Gate Gallery
1996 Red Gate Gallery’s 5th Anniversary
1995 3rd National Oil Painting Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
China Art Expo, Beijing
1993 China Art Expo, Guangzhou
1991 Inaugural Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery
1984 Beijing Art Museum, Temple of Longevity, Beijing

Beijing Capital Clu
Italian Bank of Commerce
Anglo – American
Private collections in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, France, Austria, Singapore, Sweden, Hong Kong, USA and Beijing

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