Wang Yunyun, Leshan, 2020, ink and colour on paper, 27x38 cm
Wang Yunyun


Wang Yunyun

Wang Yunyun (b.1986, Henan, China) is a contemporary ink artist based in Beijing. She was trained at China’s top art school, the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Yunyun’s art incorporates fine techniques and delicate colours and has been widely exhibited and collected in China, Australia, Korea, UK and France.

In 2015 at Vermilion Art’s very first show Beijing Calling Wang Yunyun was the only female artist, and her work has been in strong demand ever since.


1986 Born in Xinyang City, Henan Province, China
2007 Studied in Central Academy of Fine Arts in Chinese Painting
2011 Graduated from bachelor degree of Central Academy of Fine Art
2015 Graduated from Master degree of Central Academy of Fine Art, supervised by Liu Qinghe, one of the top three contemporary Chinese Ink artists in China
2016 Studied traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting at Song Weiyuan studio
2017 Studied contemporary art critics at Central Academy of Fine Arts
2018 Studied Art writing and criticism at Central Academy of Fine Arts
2019 Residential painter at Li Keran Academy of Painting
Present Lives and works in Beijing
2020 “Dream Away”, Wang Yunyun Solo Exhibition, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
“Ink like her”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
“Love, Unmasked”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
2019 “Wu & Yu”, Horizon Art Space, Sydney, Australia
“The 12th Anniversary Show”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
“Daily Diary – Contemporary drawing exhibition”, Hui Art Space, Beijing, China
“Yi Xiang Ying Su – Female artists biennial exhibition”, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China
“He Shi, Wang Yunyun and Zong xitao duo solo exhibition”, Ban Bi Jiang Shan, Shanghai, China
2018 “Beyond the space”, Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Paper Story” with Bridging Hope Charity Foundation, Vermilion Art, Sydney, China
“Excellent Chinese young artists oversea exhibition”, Republic of Mauritius
“Xin Fen Ben – Claborate-style painting nomination exhibition”, Beijing Zhengxiewenshi Guan, Beijing
“Yan Huang Zhi Chun”, Yanhuang Art Museum,
2017 “Artistic Xiamen”, Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China
“Hui Shou Lan Xin – invitation exhibition of Chinese female artist”, Art 100 gallery, Beijing, China
“Art Beijing”, Beijing agricultural exhibition centre, Beijing, China
“Ten years anniversary show”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Overtones, Pinales Art, London, United Kingdom
“Art fair Tokyo 2017”, Tokyo International Art Centre, Tokyo, Japan
“Nei Guan”, Daqian Gallery, Beijing, China
2016 “Spare Moment”, Vermilion Art, Sydney, Australia
Guangzhou International art fair, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China
2016 Shenzhen International Art Fair, Shenzhen
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China
Lu Wang and Wang Yunyun duo solo exhibition, Yi Dian Kong Jian, Beijing, China
Artistic Xiamen”, Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China
2015 “Spring Flowers – Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Ink bird”, iYishu Gallery, Xiamen, China
2014 “Spring Flowers – Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Ink bird”, Beijing New Ink Intention Gallery, Beijing
“The Twelfth National Art Exhibition”, Mixed materials Shijazhuang Art Zone, China
“China International Gallery Exposition”, China National Convention Centre, Beijing.
“Beijing Exhibition Centre”, Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Beijing
“Left Turn Contemporary Art”, Daecheong Ho Art Museum, Korea
“New Dress – Contemporary Art”, Beijing New Ink Intention Gallery, Beijing
“Art Bridges Cultures (ABC) – China Young Artist Project(CYAP)”, Embassy of Finland
“Paris Art Fair”, Paris
“Not just Ink”, Beijing
“Experiment Plots” The second CAFA Gradate Exhibition, Beijing Yuandian Gallery, Beijing
2013 “Experiment Plots” CAFA Graduate Exhibition, the first of four exhibition “ Youth Symphony”, Beijing Wangfujing Ancient Human Culture Museum
“Chinese Painting Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Chinese Painting Exhibition”, Beijing 798
“Yi Xiang Ying Su” China Youth Women Artists Exhibition, Beijing
2012 “Dui Wei” CAFA Graduate Exhibition, Beijing
“Match” Chinese Contemporary Ink Exhibition, the second round, Guangdong
2011 “Beautiful Asset transforms year-end art exhibition”, Beijing
“I CAN PAY” Art Festival 2011, Shanghai
“Love Fashion Beauty Show”, Beijing
“Masters with us series exhibition”, Beijing
The 90th anniversary of the Olympic Exhibition, Beijing
2009 2009 CAFA Excellent works Exhibition, Beijing

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