Dorveille, featured image

Vermilion Art Young Curator Program - Dorveille

Curated by Man Luo and Tianyue Li
Curatorial Assistant Jiawen Li
Featured artist Qin Han Ruth Li Angie Pai Rose Wong xinxin

In his poem Le Joli Buisson de Jonece (1373), Jean Froissart describes being transported to a mysterious space ‘round as an apple’ in the psychological state of Dorveille. One dreary winter evening, Jean went to bed early and felt touched by fire. As he drifted towards sleep, thoughts and memories arose and became visions. Then, he says, Venus carried him to this dazzling spherical space, where no matter where he goes, he is always in the centre.

First described in medieval France, Dorveille is ‘a psychic, physical and spiritual condition’ experienced by artists and poets. It is a dreamlike semi-conscious state in which there is no distinction between the fantastic and the familiar, from which words, images and ideas emerge.

This exhibition brings together a group of emerging female artists who examine Dorveille in contemporary art practice. Whether it be an exploration of the nature of being and existence, a re-assembly of folktales and ancient stories, echoes of diasporic spirituality, or a cabinet of ancient curiosities and ephemera, the selection of artworks here questions our presumptions about the nature of reality. It is through this pictorial representation that we are able to examine the untouched, the link between the visible and the invisible.

Multi-media paintings, drawings, tapestry and clay sculpture — the works featured in this show intermingle in various disarrays. We hope that this exhibition puts you in touch with your own Dorveille, so to find yourself embarked, effortlessly, on an adventure in this alternative realm.

Artists featured in this show are: Qin Han, Ruth Li, Angie Pai, Rose Wong and xinxin.

Curated by Man Luo and Tianyue Li.


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