Flash Point

29 Jun - 5 Aug 2017 Liu Haichen

Flash Point

Featured artist Liu Haichen

In nature, life is destruction and rebirth. These cycles are full of energy, hope, and sometimes danger.

Growing up in a small town in Hebei, the two things Liu Haichen enjoyed most were nature and drawing. His Ye Ye (paternal grandfather) was his first teacher. He was trained at the elite Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in Beijing, where he excelled.

Liu Haichen’s highly refined etchings are developed using layers of corrosion that juxtapose light and shadow, revealed through subtle gradations of tone. In these etchings and in his paintings, he often uses fire as a metaphor and the flash point is nature at its most powerful and dramatic.

Liu Haichen (b.1988) was awarded the first prize at Chongqing Fine Art 2016 and the prestigious Luo Zhongli Scholarship. His work has been collected by museums since his university years. Liu Haichen currently lives in Chongqing and teaches at Sichuan Fine Art Institute.

Liu Haichen, Who brought me here No.1, 2012, etching, 100x150cm

Liu Haichen, Who brought me here No.2, 2012, etching, 100x150cm

Liu Haichen, Burning will No.2, 2015, etching, 100x150cm

Liu Haichen, The morning weeds, 2015, etching, 70x50cm

Liu Haichen, Red road stroll, 2014, oil on canvas, 60x80cm

Liu Haichen, Into the lake, 2017, oil on canvas, 60x140cm

Liu Haichen, Ice game, 2017, oil on canvas, 90x120cm

Liu Haichen, Portrait, 2015, etching, 50x65cm

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