Lin Chunyan, Atypical 2, 2020, oil on canvas, 
30 x 45 cm
Love, Unmasked

​Love, Unmasked: A charity art auction/exhibition to support COVID-19 emergency response

Featured artist Bridging Hope Charity Foundation & Vermilion Art

COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global emergency. As of 7th March, the coronavirus has spread to over 90 countries, with over 100,000 cases confirmed worldwide and near 3,500 deaths. It is critically important at this time to support international agencies such as UNICEF to lessen the global impact of the epidemic. UNICEF has flown in over 30 tons of urgently needed supplies to affected areas in China, including protective suits, masks, goggles, and gloves for use by health workers.

To support UNICEF Australia, Bridging Hope Charity Foundation and Vermilion Art are presenting Love, Unmasked, a combined online and live auction and exhibition. It features works from 22 Australian and Chinese artists. These artists have generously provided their works to this action. Some of our artists have produced works in response to their lived experience of the epidemic in China. The artists include:

Cang Xin, Chen Qingqing, Chen Wenling, Fang Lijun, Gao Ping, Geng Xue, Guan Wei, Jin Sha, Tim Johnson, Li Jin, Li Linlin, Lin Chunyan, Debbie Mackinnon, Paul McDonald, Peng Yong, Jason Phu, Caroline Rothwell, Mike Staniford, Sun Ziyao, Wang Yunyun, and Yang Yongli

This action proudly supports UNICEF Australia for the emergency response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the East Asia and Pacific region, with an immediate focus on reducing human to human transmission and helping children in areas where their access to essential services has been disrupted.

Vermilion Art

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