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15 Feb - 16 Mar 2023 Guan Wei

Out of the Ordinary

Featured artist Guan Wei

As part of being human, we are curious about the universe and our place in it. We try to make sense of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Guan Wei has long been on this quest in his tireless investigations of philosophy, religion, literature and science. But art is the ultimate form in which he shares his response to this quest with the world.

This exhibition is a selection of Guan Wei’s work over the last 12 years. Guan Wei’s pursuit has no limits – from the deepest oceans to the far corners of the universe, from the past to the future and from East to West.

In the ancient Chinese calendar, 12 years is one Ji (一纪 ). It also refers to sufficient time for a major journey. Guan Wei has imbued his works with a profound sense of mystery and wonder. He entices us to go beyond the ordinary, with him on this brilliant odyssey.

人类对宇宙和我们在宇宙中的位置充满好奇。我们试图弄清楚我们是谁,我们从哪里来,要到哪里去? 关伟通过对哲学、宗教、文学和科学的不懈探索,追寻各种可能的解读。而艺术,是他与世界分享他对这一探索的终极形式。


在中国古代历法中,十二年为一纪。它也指有充分的时间去远方游历。关伟在他的探险中拾取宝藏,营造出神秘和惊奇。 这些难得的幻景吸引着我们和他一起,去寻求光明。


This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Martin Browne Contemporary.



From the sun, the sand, the sea, and the white clouds of “Play on the Beach”, to the magical “Twinkling Galaxies,” my art celebrates the pursuit of personal and spiritual freedom. From the liberation of “Extension” and the historical echoes of “Reflection”, to the Apollo spacecraft that played a part in “The Divine Comedy” of human exploration of the Universe, I have sought to look at the overlap of time and space, flipping the “Interface”. Most recently – in 2023 – the “Apparition” that saved mankind from the suffering of the epidemic appeared again.

Twelve years have recorded my psychological journey as an artist. I am delighted to present this exhibition and, in so doing, share this journey with you.

“从阳光、沙滩、大海、白云《沙滩上的游戏》,到神奇的《星光闪耀》,有追求灵性自由,解放的《延 伸》,又有《镜花园》的历史回响,从阿波罗号宇宙飞船奏起了人类探索宇宙的一首《神曲》,在看时空 重叠,翻转的《界》面。2023 一搜拯救人类脱离疫情苦海的《方舟》再次出现。


– Guan Wei, 2023






Apparition, installation view



Fish God, installation view



To the Origin No.8, installation view



Guan Wei’s notebook

Yellow Square series, installation view



Time Tunnel series, installation view






Trailer | The Metamorphosis


Australia and Me (2010)

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