Under the Same Moon

Under the Same Moon

Curated by Yunn Ru and Yuanyu Li
Featured artist Charlotte Lin Chufan Lin Ling Man Chien Yunn Ru

Under the Same Moon features eclectic pieces drawn from the diverse and complementary fields of fashion and design, all done by people who don’t consider fine art to be their primary occupation. This will be an exhibition which provoke viewers by challenging their pre-conceptions about how society perceives the identity of an artist.

The exhibition presents six emerging artists who all have established existing careers. Ava Wang, a brand manager from Taiwan, showcases how calligraphy has evolved over time and how this evolution has influenced the Chinese language. Lin Ling, a Hong Kong graphic designer expressed her individuality through the art of jewelry-making. Charlotte Lin, a final year fine art student from UNSW makes some personal observations about her surroundings and people she meets.

Chufan, Man Chien, and Yunn Ru share an interest in fashion and the visual fusion of creativity and reality. Chufan’s fascination with the idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand reflects his view on how the beauty of nature and the universe is often found in small details, much like his profession as a make-up artist.

Yunn Ru began painting as a way of dealing with loneliness and self-exploration during her nomadic life as a fashion and commercial model. Her works render her storytelling through the imaginative use of color. Man Chien, from an industrial design background, brings art to life by enlivening garments to combine romantic sentiments with chic design.

Yunn Ru, C Minor, 2017, oil painting, 50.8×40.6cm

Yunn Ru, The Gucci Man, 2017, mixed media on canvas, 51x41cm

Yunn Ru, Bossanova, 2016, acrylic and oil on canvas, 91.5×76.2cm

Yunn Ru, At the salon waiting, 2016, mixed media, 50.8×40.6cm

artwork by Man Chien

Man Chien, Allegory of the Cave II, 2017

Lin Ling, Wedding Ring, 2015, Chinese painting paper, silver, glass, 18x12x8cm

Chufan, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s ____ So Different, So Appealing? #2, 2017, acrylic on glass, 21x21cm

Chufan, Midnight Sun, 2017, acrylic on glass, 21x21cm

Chufan, Midnight Sun, 2017, acrylic on glass, 21x21cm

Charlotte Lin, The Gold #1, 2007, acrylic on paper, 60x49cm

Charlotte Lin, The Gold #1, 2007, acrylic on paper, 60x49cm

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