Guan Wei, selected artist of Sir John Sulman Prize 2024

Congratulations to Guan Wei for being selected as Finalist for Sir John Sulman Prize 2024. Guan Wei’s ‘Off to the Space’ is selected as one of the 40 finalists from 628 entries of works.


Artist Statement
Recently, ChatGPT has received a lot of attention. The web-based platform is designed to provide human-like conversational experiences. Will this new technology change the world? This painting presents an AI robot with a face resembling a human’s. Its right eye is the sun, its left eye is the moon, while its mouth is a flying constellation made from a human body. On its cheeks, we see a bolt of lightning, the Southern Cross, traces of cosmic rays and antenna interfaces. On its forehead are the solar system and Cygnus.
This painting attempts to depict a world of artificial intelligence in which inorganic life has replaced organic life. Leaving Earth, the ark of mankind moves into space, looking for a new home.
– Guan Wei, 2024

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