Guan Wei’s inclusion in Vivid Sydney 2024



Guan Wei’s ‘Sea, Sand and Stars’ will light up the MCA’s façade this May and June for VIVID Sydney 2024.

“Breathe – taking. Whimsical. Profound.”

This is the first time the globally celebrated Chinese Australian artist, Guan Wei’s work has been transformed into a light projection.

‘Sea, Sand and Stars’ will be on view from 6 to 11 pm, 24 May – 15 June.

In parallel with VIVID Sydney 2024 – for which Guan Wei’s work will light up the MCA façade – Vermilion Art, in collaboration with Martin Browne Contemporary, will present Guan Wei’s solo exhibition, The Sea Beyond.

This exhibition will present the artist’s two new series of works on paper. Guan Wei reinterpreted the mythical and legendary stories through the prism of his unique artistic language.







Vermilion Art

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