Letting Nature Take Its Course: CoBo Social features Ah Xian

“This is [my] first ever solo exhibition with a commercial gallery,” Ah Xian repeats sotto voce while his face creases with a bemused smile which seems to say, how did this happen? – an excerpt from the article

Ah Xian is featured in CoBo Social’s latest article, ‘Letting Nature Take Its Course: In Conversation with Ah Xian’ by journalist and arts writer Michael Young.

“The poems are handwritten by Ah Xian on each print—300 in all—a process that proved “to be a form of meditation” in his quiet studio space and which allowed him to label each print “variable” and unique… Ah Xian’s prints in “Fledging”—the title of the exhibition at Vermilion—are a rather beautiful addition to the genre and certainly to Ah Xian’s practice.” – Micheal Young

Fledging is on view at Vermilion Art until April.

To read the full article click here.

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