Emer Yang, Blue Portrait, 2015, digital paint, 150x150cm
Emer Yang


Emer Yang




New media artist, and curator
Associate Professor and ​Director of Digital Performance Art Laboratory, Communication University of China
Deputy director of the New Media Arts Committee of the Chinese Academy of Stage Arts
Graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University and Beijing Film Academy

2015 “Lifelike – Emer Yang Solo Exhibition” Lishui International Photography Festival, Lishui
2018 the photographic work “Lingguang No. 1” was exhibited in Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai
Tenth Three Shadows Photography Awards Nomination Exhibition, Beijing
2017 “Drama of Daily Life” Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai
Jimei Arles Photographic Thematic Exhibition, Xiamen
Bound Volumes of Self-Selection, 798 Cheng Art, Beijing
Tsinghua Force – Art and Technology Innovation Works Tour Exhibition, Changsha, Shenzhen
Academy of Fine Arts – Visual Arts Exhibition, Yitai Space, Hohhot
Chinese Imaginary & Abstract Exhibition, Jinan
2016 “HISTORICODE: Depression and Supply” Third Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Nanjing
“The Mustang”, Between Art Lab Beijing Space
Beijing Beijing – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vermilion Art, Sydney
2015 The 3rd China Stage Art Exhibition & Visual Art Biennale, enjoy 798, Beijing
Dialogue between architecture and art, Tianjin
1997 Beijing, Hong Kong Wan Fung Art Gallery, multiple group exhibitions
1994 the 8th National Art Exhibition, finalists, China National Museum of Art, Beijing
the Hebei Provincial Outstanding Fine Art Exhibition was the first place to be selected. Shijiazhuang
1993 China Oil Painting Still Life Exhibition, China National Museum, Beijing
2017 “Art – Country – Uncertain Space” Longli International New Media Art Season, Guizhou
Bound Volumes of Self-Selection, 798 Cheng Art, Beijing
2016 “Metabolism” Longli International New Media Art Invitational Exhibition, Guizhou
2016 the TV series “Hard Bone” and “There is an old man in the family” were produced and broadcasted by a number of TV stations
2015 a French resident artist in Brittany
2014 the documentary “Ancestral hall” producer and director, the Barcelona Film Week in Barcelona, Spain was shortlisted
2012 he was the artistic director of the multimedia animation concert “Instrument is crazy” and performed at the China National Grand Theater
visiting scholar at the High Bran Animation School in France
2009 a visiting scholar at the Central Academy of Fine Arts;
2008 the animated series “Losing Music” directed and China Central Television broadcasted and won the Chinese Animation Monkey Award
2007 the musical “Peony Pavilion” and “White Snake Biography” were later artistic directors
2005 the director of the cartoon “Scientific World of Small S” was selected at the Cannes Television Festival
2004 the TV series “The Back of the Sun” and “China”, special effect supervisors
2002 he was elected as a member of the China Animation Society

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