My Sweet Home

10 May - 10 Jun 2023 Echo Cai

My Sweet Home

Featured artist Echo Cai

“Home” can mean different things for each of us – a physical building, a sense of belonging, a nostalgic past or a dreamed future. For the Chinese Australian artist Echo Cai, the concept of home is a complex: she moved to Melbourne from Beijing where she lived for 23 years; twenty years ago she shifted and extended her career from writing to visual art.

Echo explores ideas around home and identity with her works, both staged still life at home and lively street scenes. She investigates how migrants fit within the adopted “home” through portraits and self-portraits. My Sweet Home is a search for home and freedom, from exterior to interior, from past to future.

Echo Cai (b.1965) currently lives and works in Melbourne.

“家”对我们每个人来说可能意味着不同的层面——实体建筑、归属感、怀旧的过去或 梦想的未来。 对澳大利亚华裔艺术家子轩 来说,“家”是一个 复杂的概念。她从居住了 23年的北京搬 到了墨尔本;二十年前,她将自己的职业写作生涯转移和延伸至视觉艺术。

子轩通过她的作品探索关于“家”的概念和身份认同。她在作品中描绘家中场景静物,表达熟悉而百变的街区活力。 她通过肖像和自画像探索移民在新 “家”的情绪和感受。 My Sweet Home 是对家和自由的双向探寻,从外在 到心灵,从过去到未来。

子轩(生于 1965 年)目前在墨尔本生活和工作。

Short Interview

The Stage – Still Life No.1 (detail)

The Street No.3 (detail)

My Sweet Home (detail)

The Stage – Still Life No.2 (detail)

The Street No.1 (detail)

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