Sun Ziyao, Shark, 2016, mixed media on Xuan paper, 110x300cm
Ink Instinct

17 Jun - 23 Jul 2016 Sun Ziyao

Ink Instinct

Curated by Guan Wei
Featured artist Sun Ziyao

Chinese ink art has a long history. Sun Ziyao is one of a new generation of Chinese artists who have transformed this ancient form. Ink Instinct is his first solo exhibition in Australia.

Leading artist and curator of this exhibition Guan Wei 关伟 says:

“Sun Ziyao has overturned traditional Chinese ink art. His techniques extend the scope of traditional ink painting by mixing ink, acrylic, oil and sometimes wax or pencils to enrich and strengthen the images. His works can shake and rattle, and make us uneasy. They have an element of primitive unruliness and a wild beauty.”  ​

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