GUAN WEI | The Sea Beyond


24 May - 29 June 2024 Guan Wei

The Sea Beyond

Featured artist Guan Wei

The Sea Beyond presents two new series of Guan Wei’s work on paper. Guan Wei reinterpreted the mythical and legendary stories through the prism of his unique artistic language.

In a mysterious and distant kingdom of the sea, the ancient heroes whisper their stories. Angels sound the trumpet, emitting their light. There is  magic in the mermaid singing. Poseidon, the god of the sea, patrols the sea with vigilance. They face a threat unlike ever before, a force that sought to engulf them in silence. But they are united, brave, and ready. The angel’s sword will penetrate the shadows, the hero’s determination will break the tide of fear, and mermaid sings the spell of hope. As the battle begins, the symphony of war reverberates across the sea. Eventually, they overcome the darkness and defend their homeland.

Deep in the Australian outback is a legend of a hero, Ned Kelly, who rode a stallion in his armour. He was a symbol of resistance and a beacon of hope for oppressed colonists. In every daring heist, he challenged corrupt authorities to redistribute wealth to the poor. His legendary suit of armour not only defended him against bullets. It also defended him against the tyranny of the colonial rulers. Kelly became a hero in his last stand at Glenrowan, where he was captured and executed after fighting fearlessly against the force that opposed him. But his spirit lives on, inspiring generation after generation.

“Our yearning for the sacred has never stopped. In secular life, the sacred guides mediocre people to think about the true meaning of life. Only by experiencing the sacred can we truly settle in the secular world.” – Mircea Eliade


This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Martin Browne Contemporary.

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