Mister Sea (Hai gongzi) by Pu Songling (1640-1715)

This brief story is one of nearly five hundred pieces included in Pu Songling’s famous collection Strange Tales from Liaozhai. Falling between tale and anecdote, “Mister Sea” is narrated in a deceptively straightforward manner in the objective stance befitting “The Historian of the Strange,” the sobriquet that Pu adopted for himself.

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The Washboard is a Language: A Study of Nüshu (女书) and Women’s Histories in Tao Aimin’s Her Secret Code

The artist has collected over a thousand washboards from women living in China’s countryside, transforming them into sculptural and two-dimensional works. In Her Secret Code, Tao’s first exhibition in Australia, the arched ridges of the washboard—bearing the unique traces of their former user’s touch—methodically re-appear and haunt the space in imprints and impressions.

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