The Washboard is a Language: A Study of Nüshu (女书) and Women’s Histories in Tao Aimin’s Her Secret Code

The artist has collected over a thousand washboards from women living in China’s countryside, transforming them into sculptural and two-dimensional works. In Her Secret Code, Tao’s first exhibition in Australia, the arched ridges of the washboard—bearing the unique traces of their former user’s touch—methodically re-appear and haunt the space in imprints and impressions.

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Beyond the Ordinary: Exhibition review by Luise Guest

‘Out of the Ordinary’ is the title of Guan Wei’s solo exhibition at Sydney’s Vermilion Art, a description that also fits the man himself. From his early years in Beijing’s post-Cultural Revolution contemporary art scene, to his arrival in Hobart in 1989 and emergence as the most prominent of the so-called ‘post-Tiananmen’ generation of Chinese artists in Australia, Guan Wei developed an art practice that merges two worlds…’

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Vermilion Art

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