Sworn Sisters and Secret Letters

She wrote: ‘Here is a display of the history of women…a deeper life language, it is the witness of their past youth. Each piece traces individual women and the traces are a text that tells of their experiences, emotions and misfortunes… This is a vision beyond literal language. It is the fate of women.’

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Lin Jin: Featured in the MFA Boston

Li Jin responded to the Northern Qi scholars collating classic texts (Northern Song dynasty, 11th century) with his playful paintings Reminiscence to Antiquity I–VII, which included two long handscrolls and seven narrow hanging scrolls.

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Shen Jiawei: the Art of History

In the mythology of Maoist China, no event is more important than the Long March. It is the foundation story of the People’s Republic even if there is no separating fact from fiction. Shen Jiawei has taken up the story at the end of the Long March, in the years 1936-37.

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Vermilion Art

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