Artist Yin Zhaoyang solo exhibition in LONG Museum 

Entitled “A Vast History”, the exhibition showcases the boldness and courage of Yin Zhaoyang, one of the representative artists of the post-1970s generation. In the past decade, the artist has decided to depart from his “figure” and “figurative” series, on which he has made his name. In the company of the sun and the moon, the mountains and the rivers, he immerses his body in the nature and treats it as a detector in the mountains standing between the heaven and the earth. He has been struggling in the fight between the most Western creative language and the most oriental traditional landscapes, striving to explore a new way out. Following seven consecutive exhibitions in the name of “Mountains” in the past decade, the artist extends his vision to the infinite, searching for new life in the vast space and time constituted by history and the universe. At the age of fifty, knowing his fate is predecided, he uses a series of concrete landscapes of mountains, rocks, trees and creatures to constitute a vast picture of history, to express the status quo of existence and bury the clues for the future.



Vermilion Art

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