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Yin Zhaoyang (b.1970, Henan, China) was trained at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Came out of age in Post-Mao China, Yin’s practice explored his generation’s discontentment, uncertain and “cruel” youth experience, through which he lead an important trend of avant-garde painting in 1990s China. Yin Zhaoyang developed a unique “spiritual landscape” with a strong personal temperament and sharp contemporary vision. His landscapes are dreamlike yet realistic; powerful yet intimate.

His works have been exhibited internationally, including the Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland, the Seoul Museum of Art, and the Technopolis Center for Contemporary Art in Athens. His works have also been collected by a range of prestigious public art museums, including the Collections of Central Academy of Fine Arts , the Long Museum, the Bao Long Museum, and the M + Art Museum in Hong Kong.

Yin Zhaoyang lives and works in Beijing and London.

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“Thoroughly versed in the Western Masters, Yin Zhaoyang’s work has moved from figurative to more abstract expression. What is unifying across his work is his intense, energetic, at times explosive, style no matter the subject. His work seems to vibrate from within the canvas.”

Yin Zhaoyang – Soul Mountain

Dr Geoff Raby AO


Vermillion Art Gallery offers in Australia a rare chance to see recent works from one of the leading figures from China’s ‘Youth Cruelty’ movement of painters. Born in the 1970s in harsh conditions, this group of painters emerged in the mid 1990s as the next generation of Chinese contemporary artists. Beijing artist Yin Zhaoyang is regarded as a leading representative of this group.

At a time when the Cynical Realism movement – juxtaposing commercial pop art images with propaganda art – was the dominant narrative by which the international art world came to notice Chinese contemporary art, Yin and his small group stayed close to the painterly traditions in which they had been trained in China’s great academies.

Thoroughly versed in the Western Masters, Yin’s work has moved from figurative to more abstract expression. What is unifying across his work is his intense, energetic, at times explosive, style no matter the subject. His work seems to vibrate from within the canvas.

With maturity and his establishment as a major international figure in Chinese contemporary art, with successful solo shows in the West and China, and sales through the major auction houses, his work has become more reflective and contemplative, but the subliminal energy remains, almost as if the work is breathing.

Over the past decade, Yin has turned to landscapes set in the ancient Song Mountain range in his home province of Henan. These works are rich in colour with thick oil paint applied in wide sweeping strokes. The intensity of the colours, the thickness of the paint and vividness of the whole composition take his landscapes to another dimension altogether, teetering on the edge of abstraction.

To these Vermillion has included some of Yin’s most recent work, semi-abstract portraiture, including several of Yin’s tributes to his greatest inspiration: Vincent Van Gogh.

Artist statement about Secluded Valley (2023)

Yin Zhaoyang


“I discovered this valley of Mount Song by chance. I was amazed by it at first sight. This valley has almost everything I love, ancient legendary rock formations with majestic and diverse shapes, and rich textures. That was the beginning. I set myself a compositional challenge.

Twelve years on, Secluded Valley is the latest portrayal of Mount Song. The valley commands respect. It grows slowly and splendidly. It mirrors my current life at this stage.”


1970 Born in Nanyang, Henan Province, China. Lives and works in Beijing and London
1996 Trained at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
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