Sydney Contemporary 2023

Booth C04

Featured artist Chen Wenling Geng Xue Li Jin Yin Zhaoyang
Vermilion Art | Booth C04


Mark your calendars for:

Opening Hours
Thu, 7 September | 11am – 5pm

Fri, 8 September | 11am – 8pm

Sat, 9 September | 11am – 6pm

Sun, 10 September | 11am – 5pm


Art Night
Thu, 7 September | 5:30pm-9pm



Vermilion Art

Artist statement about Secluded Valley (2023)

Yin Zhaoyang


“I discovered this valley of Mount Song by chance. I was amazed by it at first sight. This valley has almost everything I love, ancient legendary rock formations with majestic and diverse shapes, and rich textures. That was the beginning. I set myself a compositional challenge.

Twelve years on, Secluded Valley is the latest portrayal of Mount Song. The valley commands respect. It grows slowly and splendidly. It mirrors my current life at this stage.”

Artist statement about A Boy and the Shark (2023)

Chen Wenling


“We are in an era of consumerism and hedonism. The Taoist philosophy of harmony between humans and nature is increasingly being challenged. Sharks are primitive creatures which have a vital place in the ocean’s ecology.

In this sculpture, a boy looks into the future with a shark in his arms. I hope to present a vision of the world which has harmony and hope.”

Vermilion Art

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