Shape of Memories

9 Nov - 16 Dec 2023 Ye Cheng Peiyuan Jiang HyunHee Lee

记忆纹理 기억의 습작

Curated by Abigail Kim and Jenny Dai
Featured artist Ye Cheng Peiyuan Jiang HyunHee Lee

We are our memory,

we are that chimerical museum of shifting shapes,

that pile of broken mirrors.

– Jorge Luis Borges, ‘In Praise of Darkness’


Shape of Memories unfolds the intricate interplay between memory, space, and the individual as reconstructed by three diaspora artists based in New York, Beijing, and Seoul/Sydney: Ye Cheng, Peiyuan Jiang, and HyunHee Lee.

Belonging to a diaspora means that connection to ancestral homes is often maintained through memories. Each artist reflects on memories that ebb and flow – through a box of unhomely world; an interconnected web laid on realm of the unknown; and an amulet of spiritual guidance.

Transcending borders and time, this exhibition serves as an introspective pilgrimage to the distinct and shared reality of displacement, nostalgia, and cultural hybridity experienced across generations and continents.

Curated by Abigail Kim and Jenny Dai, Shape of Memories is the third Young Curator Program presented by Vermilion Art.

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