Peng Yong, Urban night No.2, 2016, mixed media, 65x118cm
Urban Imprint

11 Mar - 16 Apr 2016 Peng Yong

Urban Imprint

Featured artist Peng Yong

Urban Imprint is the solo exhibition of talented young printmaking artist Peng Yong from Beijing.

Peng Yong was trained at the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in Beijing. He specialized in printmaking and did his post-graduate study with the influential Chinese artist Tan Ping (谭平).  His works include etchings and richly textured and coloured self-made paper.

He grew up in a mountainous area in rural Hunan and now lives and works in Beijing.

 “The inspiration of Urban Imprint was from the contrast of my childhood and living in large cities. I am attracted and disturbed by the urban environment at the same time. Straight lines, some accidental or unplanned, divided the space into small squares. There is beauty and sadness in this order.”

Peng Yong was the winner of Yishu 8 Award in 2014, a privileged Sino-France culture and art program. He was selected to study at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2015.

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