Lin Chunyan, Great heat, 2020, oil on canvas. 60x80cm
Lin Chunyan


Lin Chunyan

Growing up in an intellectual home environment on the Peking University campus, Chinese-Australian artist Lin Chunyan (b.1962, Beijing, China) began exploring the language of art as a teenager. He first travelled to Australia as a visiting scholar to the University of Tasmania in 1989. He lived in Australia for more than 10 years. He has exhibited internationally, including in China, the USA, France, and a range of institutions in Australia, such as the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and QAGOMA. His works have been collected by institutions, including IP Australia. His latest solo exhibition, ‘Second Spring’, was opened by Lucy Turnbull AO in Sydney, 2019.

“Lin has been a prominent figure in the Beijing contemporary art scene for the past thirty years, but his relentlessly honest and individually expressive work has defied categorisation. He has stood apart from the main movements of the Beijing art scene. Refusing to be influenced by fashions of the day, he has continued to explore a highly personal emotional world through his painting.” — Dr Geoff Raby AO




1962 Born in Beijing
1994 Graduated from the Department of Visual Arts, University of Western Sydney, Australia
2019 “Second Spring”, Vermilion Art, Sydney
“Unity”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2006 “Beijing Dreaming, Bundeena Dawn”, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney
2005 “Lin Chunyan Oil Painting”, Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou
2000 “Lin Chunyan Oil Painting”, Pen Pal Art Gallery, Guangzhou
“Lin Chunyan Art”, Tuancheng Gallery, Beijing
1995 ” Lin Chunyan Art”, Panorama Gallery, Beijing
1990 “Lin Chunyan Art”, EMR Gallery, Sydney
1987 “Lin Chunyan’s Painting”, Museum of Heilongiiang Province, Harbin
1986 “Lin Chunyan Art”, Ancient Observatory, Beijing
“Unbounded – Approaching the History of Contemporary Chinese Art”, Sea Art Museum, Weihai, Shandong
“Art · Mate – Chinese-Australian Contemporary Art of 2018”, Enjoy Art Museum, Beijing
20117 “Evolution Urbanization”, Arttrees Museum, Beijing
“Dream Land”, Sunshine Museum, Beijing
“Flow Silent – Famous Artists of Contemporary Art”, Jiali Art Space, Beijing
“All Rivers Run to the Sea, One Thousand Cliffs Stand Tall”, East Region International Modern Art Center, Songzhuang, Beijing
“9th Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival 2015 – Documents from the Songzhuang Art Community”, Songzhuang, Beijing
“Micro-Art Explosion”, Jiu-Ceng Gallery, Beijing
2014 “Rong” – 2014 Art, Doujiao Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing
“2nd Art Harbin – International Contemporary Art”, Harbin
“Situation 2014 – Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”, Czech China Contemporary, Beijing
“Colours– Art 2014”, China Tongze Art Gallery, Beijing
“8th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang China”, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing
“Wild Art”, East Region International Modern Art Center, Songzhuang, Beijing
“Partner – Man and the Dog”, AS Art Center, Songzhuang, Beijin
“WE: 1994 – 2013 The 20th Anniversary Collective Exhibition of China Song Zhuang Artists”, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
“Not Strangers”, An Exhibition of artwork by international Artists living and Creating Art in Songzhuang China, Beijing
“Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”, Great Master International Art Museum, Linyi, Shandong
2012 “Art of Gansu – 2012 Oil Painting of Longnan by Songzhuang Artists”, Longnan, Gansu
“China Art Industry Expo Art·Front Cotemporary Art”, Songzhuang, Beijing
2011 8th International Korea (Chungju) Art Exhibition
“Our Home”, ITC Century Fortune Center, Beijing
“Retrospection & Deviation, Heart Outside Body – Collection of Works of Chinese Oversea Artist”, Times Art Museum Beijing, Beijing
2010 7th international Korea (Wuzhou), Wuzhou, Guangxi
“Width – Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing
“Oil and Ink – Oversea Chinese Artists Chen Yuanchu”, Lin Chunyan, Bridge Gallery, Beijing
2009 “China Project”, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
“Quotations from 7 Xi”, LDX Contemporary Art Center, Songzhuang, Beijing
“High Noon Beijing Hour”, Times Art Museum Beijing, Beijing
“City Leader – Beijing Art Salon”, China World Exhibitions, Beijing
“17th Anniversary of China-South Korea Diplomatic Relations, Culture and Art Exchange”, Sunshine Museum, Beijing
“5th Songzhuang Arts and Culture Festival”, Beijing
“Chinese Situation”, Chongqing
“Waken the Future·post – art”, Beijing
“Lin Chunyan and Kang Yu”, The Executive Centre, Beijing
“Coming Home – 37 Chinese Australian Artists”, Linda Gallery, Beijing
2008 “Course – Yiling, Lin Chunyan Oil Painting”, Ge Feng Contemporary Museum, Shenzhen
“Southern Skies Chinese Artists in Australia”, Australian Embassy, Beijing
“2nd Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition”, East Region International Modern Art Center, Beijing
2007 “Chinese and Overseas Artist”, Qianshao Gallery, Songzhuang, Beijing
“Pioneer Art”, Qianshao Gallery, Songzhuang, Beijing
“Made in Songzhuang”, Sunshine Museum, Beijing
“Out of Songzhuang”, Huan Tie Times Art Museum, Beijing
”On the East Pier”, East Coast Art Museum, Beijing
“Songzhang Original Creative”, Original Art Exposition Center, Beijing
“Suoluo Oil Painting”, Suoluo Gallery, Beijing
2005 “Still Away”, Asia-Australia Arts Centre, Sydney
“Images from the Labyrinth – Bundeena & Maianbar Art Trail Artists Exhibition”, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, Sydney
2004 “Chinese Art Today”, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing
2003 “To the Left – Discovery”, Left Bank Gallery, Beijing
“The View”, Shine Ray Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
“Impression of Life”, Yan Club Arts Center, Beijing
“Space on The Move”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2002 “Entering Chongqing”, Chirui Gallery, Chongqing
2001 “View of The Spirit”, Huanyu Art Center, Beijing
“New State, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Florence Gallery, Beijing
2000 “Autumn Exhibition”, CTS Gallery, Beijing
“Surface – Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Drawing”, China Women Activity Center, Beijing
1999 “Works of Songzhuang Artists”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
1992 “New Wave Chinese Art”, Australia
1991 “Chinese Contemporary”, University of Sydney, Sydney
1989 “Works by Three Artists”, Tasmanian University, Hobart, Australia
1988 “Salon Figuration Critique”, Paris
1987-89 “Works by Contemporary Artists from Beijing and New York”, New York, Boston
1985 “Beijing Youth Art Exhibition”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

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