They can’t cancel the Spring

They can't cancel the Spring

Featured artist Gao Ping Li Jin Lin Chunyan Shu Xinghua Sun Ziyao Wang Lifeng Wang Yunyun

“Do remember they can’t cancel the spring.” The famous British painter David Hockney has spent a lifetime looking on the bright side of life. He recommends spring as a cure for our ills. In March this year, he released his new iPad paintings of daffodils to share messages of hope. In isolation himself, at age of 82 years, David Hockney is still working constantly.

​Inspired by David Hockney, we curated a group exhibition to welcome Spring. These include oil, acrylic, ink painting by Gao Ping, Li Jin, Lin Chunyan, Shu Xinghua, Sun Ziyao, Wang Lifeng and Wang Yunyun. These eight artists portray flowers and landscape and show us hope, beauty, and determination. ​

Vermilion Art

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