I N K +

A celebration of Lunar New Year 2023

Featured artist Ah Xian Chen Wenling Hong Fu Guan Wei Guo Jian Li Jin Lin Chunyan Dapeng Liu Peng Yong Sun Ziyao Wang Lifeng Wang Xin Wang Yunyun Tianli Zu

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Michael Reid Art Bar.

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Ah Xian, Fledging series installation view

Wang Xin, Naturist 01 and Naturist 02 installation view

Hong Fu, Shan Hai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas) scroll installation view

Chen Wenling, No Big Deal installation view

Guo Jian, The Beauty series installation view

Sun Ziyao, Wild Slope and Sun Wukong and White Dragon Horse installation view

Guan Wei, Ned Kelly and Family in the Mountain and To The Origin No.8 installation view

Li Jin, Kawaii and Kangaroo Valley installation view

Tianli Zu, Un-named Series II installation view


Ink painting was developed in the prosperous era of Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China. Since then it has grown to the most popular art form in China and many other Asian countries. There have been many developments over time.

The most significant recent movement is from the 1980s. The artists reinvented traditional ink art by adopting influences and practices from the West. Chinese painters started to experiment with the media more, to embrace expressionism, conceptual and abstract art, and disrupt the traditional subject matter.

INK+ is an exhibition with focus on contemporary ink and related works by a range of artists based in Australia and China. The styles of their work have obvious or subtle connections with ink painting tradition while their expressions are no doubt contemporary.

INK+ includes works by New Ink master Li Jin, leading Chinese Australian artists Ah Xian, Hong Fu, Guan Wei, Guo Jian, as well as the rising star of new ink artist Sun Ziyao.

INK+ is to give us a taste of the diversity and development of contemporary ink, an art with evolution and revolution from Tang Dynasty.


This exhibition is now on show at Michael Reid Art Bar.

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