From Little Things
Featured artist Eun-Hye Jung Fang Lijun Chen Wenling Sun Ziyao Tim Johnson Lin Chunyan Liu Zhifeng Zhang Xiao Ruth Ju-Shih Li Peng Yong Wang Yunyun Qin Han Zai Kuang Xia Hang Xu Yong Yunn Ru Nicole Jiang Jiantong Zhao

From Little Things is a special exhibition that celebrates Christmas and supports people with Down Syndrome. This exhibition features more than 80 small-size paintings, ink brush works, etchings, photographs and sculptures by 18 artists, including Eun-Hye Jung.

Eun-Hye Jung (b.1990, Seoul) is a South Korean caricature artist with Down Syndrome in the hit Korean Netflix drama series ‘Our Blues’. From Little Things is the first time Eun-Hye’s work is shown in Australia.

This exhibition proudly supports Down Syndrome Australia.

Vermilion Art

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