Paper Story

Paper Story

Featured artist Peng Yong Gao Ping Liu Zhifeng Jason Phu Sun Ziyao Wang Yunyun

Paper Story brings together artworks by six artists Peng Yong, Gao Ping, Liu Zhifeng, Jason Phu, Sun Ziyao, and Wang Yunyun. Their works have distinct styles and their topics are contemporary, all on Xuan paper, this ancient material.

Peng Yong makes his own richly textured paper for his copper etchings from Xuan pulp. Peng Yong recently spent three months in Sydney as the first international artist of TWT’s Creative Precinct Resident Artist Program. “ I have a great interest in the connection between nature and the urban environment. The TWT residency was a great opportunity for me to observe this firsthand in Australia and to see the works of some great Australian artists. ” Peng Yong said.

Paper Story is about creating something new by enhancing a beautiful and ancient tradition. The exhibition is jointly presented by Vermilion Art, TWT Creative Precinct, and Bridging Hope Charity Foundation.

Vermilion Art

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