The Ideal Life

A Group Exhibition of Artists in Geoff Raby Collection

Curated by Dr Geoff Raby AO
Featured artist Chen Wenling Guan Wei Guo Jian Li Jin Cang Xin Yang Jinsong Lin Chunyan Sun Ziyao Feng Ling Ling Jian Wang Lifeng Shen Jiawei Yang Xifa Laurens Tan Tao Aimin Rose Wong Cindy Ng

In the long history of Chinese culture, there has been both an evolution and revolutions in the notion of what is an ideal life.

This exhibition presents works by 17 established and young artists who have works in Geoff Raby Collection. These works touch on identity, gender, ethnicity, and the environment. Each artist, with their unique style, examines the interplay of culture, society, and individual aspirations.

This exhibition is in corresponding to the exhibition at NAS: In our time: Four decades of art from China and beyond, Geoff Raby Collection.

Vermilion Art

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